Ecomedate for JDA Direct Commerce:

For when you need to know, not guess.

The questions are endless. Are all the priority packages ready to go out? What products should I carry over to next year? What is the current inventory position for that hot product? Is there obsolete inventory? Who are my top customers in California? You need to know now. But the answers just generate more questions.

Ecomedate for JDA product provides a real-time data hub and the analyses to get the answers your business needs. The information includes all the data you will need from JDA and can be supplemented with Google Analytic data, PLM or other data sources. Features our customers rave about include:


Magnifying glass over bar chart
Summary and detail queries provide support to all of your team – merchants, inventory control, purchasing, warehouse staff, finance, and customer service. Each query provides intuitive exploration using filters, drill down, sorting and grouping. Each help get you to a solution rather than a figure.


Arrows pointing outwards in every direction from a database
Knowledge is better shared. Ecomedate provides the ability to distribute standard measures using email, files, and pre-run analysis. You are in control of who, how and what each consumer of the data has access to.


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One shoe doesn’t fit all. All our queries are delivered as open source. Customize the queries to reflect your organization’s need. Want to combine operational analysis with data visualization? No problem. The data foundation can be accessed by whatever tools support your decision making’s needs.

Data Your Way
Because knowledge is better than data

Fast deployment

One version of the truth

Open Design

Analysis Without Production Impact

Customize to meet your needs

Reduce time servicing on ad-hoc request

20 years of JDA Direct Commerce experience