DataBridger has been solving tough-to-tackle data problems for over 25 years. There is nothing our support staff hasn’t seen. Discover how Taurus Software can help put your data worries behind you.

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Turn the information you already have into the building blocks of your business success. Connect, Conform and Combine to have the right data at your fingertips. Gain insight through your data now.

Top 10 Migration Tips

As your company succeeds, chances are you are going to outgrow your business software. Download our expert advice to learn how you can mitigate your data migration migraine.

Top Archiving Tips

Archiving data is a necessary hassle. Our tips make it easier. Learn what to consider when creating your archiving strategy, so you make the best plan for your business. Move it, so you won’t lose it.

Master Your Company’s Data with DataBridger

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DataBridger provides an easy, code free way to integrate and exchange data from one application to another.


DataBridger codelessly moves the data you need into a new application.


DataBridger can archive data to a historical database, or offline storage, and easily retrieve it when you need it.


DataBridger is the tool to mold, combine, and deliver data for analytical use. Great data for great decisions.
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