Archiving: Data That’s Never Far from Your Reach

Need faster query times? Need better response times from the application? Does the business have regulatory or legal requirements for historical data? Consider archiving data.

Top 10 Archiving Tips

Best practices for archiving data.

Connect, Map, Run

What does DataBridger look like in action?

Master Your Data, Master Your Business

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Your Choice

Archive Your Way

  • Archive online or offline or both
  • Archive on scheduled basis or ad-hoc
  • Not sure what the right option is? Call support and they can help your company design the right option for you
Selectively retrieving containers from a cargo ship

Retrieve Your Way

  • Reports can be generated on offline data without having to retrieve data
  • Data can be retrieved and returned to the application

Here is what our customers say about their results:

I told our users that they can use the ad-hoc aging review again without fear of bogging down the system.

Historical data doesn’t just impact our batch run performance, we use a full copy of production for testing. Removing historical data out of our production database impacts all of our testing times.

When the auditor came in and wanted to see just data for the one customer, we were able to restore their data and provide the data in minutes.

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