DataBridger is the solution for all your data projects

In today’s market, the key to success is connecting the dots — connecting applications, migrating data and combining that data to support business intelligence. How do you get the results your business needs and expects simply and quickly? DataBridger conquers all data projects seamlessly with no coding required. Get the business results you need with one tool. It is as quick and easy as 1, 2, 3.
Connecting many different components together


  • All data connections are done through an easy to use wizard
  • Connections can be made to the cloud and other databases
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  • Data mapping with data preview allows easy verification of correct data delivery
  • Robust transformation. Our program is equipped to handle your toughest data problems.
  • Build data structures, indexes, and relationships, if needed
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  • Data movement through drag and drop
  • Schedule to run once, on a regular basis, or at a particular date/time
  • Automatic notifications
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Fast deployment

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Quick learning curve

Mouse cursor in the act of clicking

Drag and drop

No code required
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We've got your back

Industry experts standing by to help you succeed
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Easily Automated

For both batch and real-time movement
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Robust transformation

Enough get the job done and more