measuresForCW_P2Measures for CW

Companies using Micros’ CWDirect or CWSerenade know they capture and generate a wealth of data. The challenge is to move, analyze and leverage that data to make better business decisions. Measures for CW meets this challenge!

Measures for CW replicates and transforms your data on a real-time basis into an environment optimized for analysis. That environment includes ready-to-use dynamic queries which allow business users to easily mine the wealth of data captured and generated by those Micros applications – with little to no help from IT staff.


Measures for CW presents real-time operational information to instantly display current business conditions in easy to read reports. Measures for CW will change the way you look at your business.

Measures for CW works by replicating your data into an Operational Data Store (ODS) optimized for access, integration and analysis. Maps are pre-built to normalize and document the tables to facilitate fast query creation and execution. Mappings are open, allowing modifications for data stored in ways specific to your business.

Measures for CW includes  pre-built queries designed with Hyperion but almost any open systems tool of your choice can be used to access the data in the ODS. Hyperion development tools and server environment software are included with Measures for CW, which provide a browser-based interface to reporting and scheduling features.


MeasuresCWIllustration3_R1Measures for CW includes a powerful operational data store (ODS) that is optimized for CWDirect and CWSerenade.

The Measures for CW ODS can be used to interface with a wide variety of data sources, analysis tools, extracts, websites and more. This architecture will decrease the load on CWDirect and CWSerenade, thereby improving overall performance.

Utilize the advanced reporting features of Measures for CW  to make better business decisions.

Our analysis goes far beyond the basic reporting included with CW Direct and CWSerenade. We provide business intelligence refined through years of customer requests which cover all aspects of your business. Our reporting categories include:

• Cancels, Returns and Backorders
• Demand Sales
• Inventory
• Marketing Performance
• Open Purchase Orders and Unshipped Orders
• Shipped Sales


Click here for an in-depth look at our reporting features, including sample screen shots and a list of pre-built reports for each category.

Benefits of CW Measures:

• Run reports at any time, without IT support

• Intuitive features with easy user interface

• Pre-built charts, graphs and pivot tables for easier data visualization

• Quickly see summarized results with access to details as needed

• Save time and make more informed decisions

IT Advantages:

• Fast implementation (usually within weeks) ensures quick results

• Reduces time spent on ad hoc and routine report requests

• Schedule and automatically publish results to individuals and groups

• Easy to customize to meet unusual requests, fully documented

• Open design can be accessed with development tools of your choice

Measures for CW Includes:

• Taurus Software data movement technology

• Measures for CW mappings to de-code and normalize CWDirect and CWSerenade data

• Hyperion for up to 25 named users

• Hyperion server environment

• Measures for CW Analysis Suite (with pre-built queries)

• Implementation and training services


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