DataBridger has what it takes to get the job done

All data projects have one thing in common: they start off sounding simpler than they turn out to be. DataBridger makes your data projects easy. For 30+ years our products and team have tackled data movement and migration projects with ease and expertise. These are the features that have been most important to our customers.

Rapid Development

No one but your mother says take your time

Horse in mid-gallop
  • No coding
  • Our software is easy to use, working automatically but allowing you to take control as you please
  • Save time and preview data in its final format before you move it
  • We have your back. Let our experience be an asset for your project

Robust Transformation

It needs to be able to tackle the tough parts of the project

Flexing bicep
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. We automatically bridge differences within data families
  • Use predefined functions or build your own to meet your needs
  • Build your own reusable transformation elements. Why should you keep re-inventing the wheel?
  • We offer great support. Our team has been able to work through the most complex data problems without breaking a sweat

Move it Your Way

You need to be able to control the when and the how

Truck with arrows painted on the side going in either direction
  • Bulk, real-time, incremental feeds
  • Ad-hoc, reoccurring, event based movement
  • Support QA testing cycles through easy configuration manager

One Product. One Price. Unlimited projects.
— or would you prefer a nickel and dime system?


Application integration projects


Data migration projects


Create a data hub


Send data to a partner or friend


Create a subset test database


Archive historical information