Taurus Software is in the business of solving data problems that matter to you

We listen. We collaborate.

We deliver business results.

At Taurus, we have made the business of moving data our business. Data is the life blood of organizations. Data flows in and out of the organization. It is exchanged, extracted, organized, imported – all with the laser focus to make business relationships stronger, keep the organization or its applications on the same page, or provide insights need to stay on course or set a new course.

Taurus Software was founded in 1987, with the goal of helping companies make data useful. Since then our products have been used to turn data into information used to steer companies, to create data that bridges gaps between applications and companies, to protect companies against regulatory and legal risks by archiving data, and rework data to help companies move to new applications which help meet changing business needs.

Why choose our products?

  • Our software is great! It is agile, robust, and is easy to use. It is able to get the job done- no matter what the challenge. It is the highest quality software that you can depend on. The software is versatile. So not only can it be used for this project, but all others that are in your future – and all for one price.
  • Our software and people have tons of experience. Our staff understands your market and the challenges your company faces because we make it our business to do so. Our staff has detailed experiences with numerous applications and different sectors, and brings those experiences to bear on your project.
  • Our company is great to work with. We believe in working with each customer as team member- each treated with respect and a commitment to get the job done. You will find that we are what we say we are. We do what we say we’ll do. We always do our best.

What can you expect when working with us?

  • We will provide a tool that gets the job done—complete your integration, migration, archiving, or business intelligence project and allow your company to achieve the business results. And that same tool is flexible enough to be used for your next projects at no additional charge.
  • We will be there when you need us. Get a voice on the other end of the phone not an automated chat which directs you to a help article. Our U.S. based support staff can answer questions about our software, different approaches for your project and/or provide hint/tips for the most efficient method of completing the project successfully. We have got your back.
  • We can provide an extra hand when needed. We offer services to help you get the job done faster.

Want to partner with a company that has your back?